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Enjoy 50% off on clearance items!

Bahia Black Pepper 2.5 oz

SKU 15167

Origin: Brazil

Aromas: Aniseed, woody, sweet, warm 

Description: Bahia black pepper is a Piper nigrum creeper which uses trees as stakes to grow in the warm and tropical climate of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. Bahia black pepper, also called Belem pepper or Brazilian black pepper, grows in an idyllic setting in the Centre-East of Brazil facing the ocean in sandy soils, where it is watered by a drip irrigation system ensuring it gets the perfect amount of water and nutrients. Bahia black pepper is harvested in the summer, then each grain is separated from the drupe and dried, sheltered from the rain. Bahia black pepper is a large grain pepper with a delicious aroma.

Information: Pepper transported by sail (EOLE program)

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