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Enjoy 50% off on clearance items!

Kampot Black Pepper 2.5 oz

SKU 15168

Origin: Cambodia

Aromas: Fruity, minty 

Description: Kampot pepper is part of the Piper Nigrum species. It is produced in several regions around the world: India, Cameroon and Cambodia. There are three different Kampot peppers, each one corresponds to the maturity at which they are harvested. The berries of black pepper are harvested just before they are fully ripe (after green pepper and before red and white pepper) and are then left out to dry. They keep their pericarp and their centre is well defined. Kampot black pepper has a distinctive fruity, balsamic and empyreumatic aromatic footprint (grilled and roasted notes), and is surprisingly complex. It releases notes of menthol and cocoa. It is fairly strong, rated 5 on a scale of 7 releasing ardent and intense aromas. Be careful not to cook Kampot black pepper too long or it will become bitter

Information: PGI (protected geographical indication)

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